What Tenant Screening Services Can Do for You

If you are a landlord and have not heard of tenant screening services, then you may have encountered the following situation before. A prospective tenant seems like a nice person when you first meet him, but when he moves in some bad things start happening. He disobeys the rules your building requires him to follow, makes loud noise late at night and removes large sections of the wall to remodel the apartment. On top of that, he rarely pays rent on time. You have talked to him numerous times about these problems, but he refuses to change.


It has been said before that prevention is the best medicine. This saying is very applicable for choosing renters. It is far easier to avoid having to deal with bad tenants than encountering a situation similar to the one above. One service that some private companies offer is renter eviction search, which can provide a list of all the places a potential tenant has lived and whether or not they were evicted. This type of research, performed ahead of time, can often prevent an unwanted situation.


In addition to eviction searches and general tenant screenings, one other type of service that can be valuable in preventing bad tenants from taking up residence in your building is a tenant credit check. This provides a history of all large transactions of the customer, and reports any notable credit card debt or missed payments. If a renter has missed payments on his credit card bill, then it is likely that he will also miss a rent payment. In conjunction with the other services offered by private background-checking companies, the credit check can help you, the landlord, make an informed decision about a prospective tenant, and help insure that you do not have to deal with difficult customers.

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