Westminster Waste Management: An example for environmental conservation

Most people do not understand that the business of trash collection is such an important one in the entire process of recycling, which in turn, is a large part of our effort to make breakthroughs in environmental conservation.

Take for example, Westminster Waste Management that has revolutionized this concept by their curbside recycling program, and that has been set in motion for the past 40 years or so. There are several waste management companies that have taken this whole “Think Green” movement to the next level, and will continue to do so, with their “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” motto.

Another classic example of this is the efforts of Fullerton Recycling, another city located in Orange County, California that have changed the way they dispose of waste by drastically reducing the amount of trash that finds its way to landfills. Some experts have recommended reducing the amount of garbage to landfills by at least 50 % that will not only work towards the efforts to conserve our natural resources but help us use these resources responsibly.

For this to happen at a large scale, one must be a part of an organized waste management system that not only collects trash (much like the Buena Park trash collection) but also segregates and recycles trash in such a way that works towards these lofty goals as mankind makes its way into the future responsibly and in continuing the delicate balance of the environment as a result.

So, think Green as that’s the only way to go.