Ways to Promote Your Business For Little or Nothing

If you have a small business, there’s no doubt that you would be on a small budget and would be interested in marketing ideas to expand that could cost little to nothing and so here is a list of tips that might help you do just that while also helping you get your message out to as many people as possible:

#1: Create and use a promotion kit.

#2: Free workshops or classes for people.

#3: Prepare a brochure.

#4: Create a blog and website. Remember to regularly visit other business blogs and comment there to link up with them.

#5: Create a business page on Facebook and use Twitter along with it as well.

#6: Get free publicity for your business.

#7: Post a couple of videos about your business on YouTube.

#8: An email newsletter will do your business a lot of good.

#9: Cross promotions with other businesses will also work for your business.

#10: Take the opportunity to become a radio guest. In fact, see if you can find a way to become one even if you aren’t invited.

#11: A joint venture will also help in marketing your product as you help each other.

#12: Find a way to give to a charity which will earn you a lot of ‘brownie points’.

#13: Join a business or professional organization to build contacts.

#14: Write articles about your business and post them on the internet for free.

#15: Trade fairs are also another way by which you can build more contacts.

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