Making the Right Promise

Article Written by : SNDA Online 

Treating your customers in the right way is one of the most important factors for a business. Sadly, not every business understands this fact although it seems obvious enough. Sometimes, due to possessing a great product or service, a business can become arrogant and treat their customers with a “take it as is or leave it” attitude. The problem with this is that at some point someone else will come along with a better product and at that point customers will jump ship and never come back. Therefore, keeping customers happy is very important. There are many ways to do this and one of those ways is to make the right promise.

Whatever product you have, the golden rule is deliver what you promise. Never overpromise and under deliver. Customers can do a lot of damage to your reputation if you leave a bad taste in their mouths. For example, let’s say a customer bought a “Potato skin remover with precision control” and received a simple knife in the package; to say that they would be angry would be putting it mildly. The business selling that product should have simply stated that it was a cheap knife that was ideally suited for peeling potatoes. This kind of honesty could have built up the reputation of the business but instead, the false promise will only lead to its downfall.

A crucial factor in making a promise is giving a reason why the customer should buy the product. For example, “The best chocolate chip cookies in the state! (We donate 25 cents from every box to the War Veterans charity)” This will guarantee you sales from every person who has a connection with anyone in the armed forces. This is just one example of how your promise coupled with a reason can help you get and retain customers. Explore the idea further and see how you can deal more honestly with your customers.