Frozen Treats: Frozen Yogurt Supplies and Many More

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Drinking coffee dates back to c. 1100 AD in the Arabian Peninsula. Today, coffee is as popular as it was back then with two thirds of the world drinking it. It is traditionally taken hot, but lately iced coffees have been gaining popularity.  This is not the only cold treat that has become well-liked. Frozen yogurts and gelatos are quickly catching up.  There is no wonder that more and more entrepreneurs are seeking out gelato suppliers and frozen yogurt suppliers.

These frozen treats have become appealing to consumers because of their health benefits. Both gelato and frozen yogurt have lower fat contents than ice cream. In fact, there are some frozen yogurts that are fat free. Fresh fruit toppings and nuts, as well as other healthier toppings, only add to the appeal of these treats. Health buffs, parents, and even the not-so-health-conscious have been captivated by these delicious yet healthy desserts.

Numerous franchises for both these frozen desserts have filled the market. Of course, it is also possible to start your very own business without a franchise.  Equipment such as soft-serve machines and gelato machines can be bought from suppliers on the internet. These machines can be used with mixes or your own yogurt or gelato recipes. Frozen yogurt supplies, such as cups spoons, can also be found online. For those looking to include iced coffees in their offerings, coffee cups and lids are also commonly sold by the same suppliers.

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