Executive Suites

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As companies get larger, there is often a need for executive suites to house upper management. They are generally located away from their primary production facilities.  These executive suites are often leased or purchased outright because the company no longer has the room to build more offices at their primary locations.

The larger cities in the United States generally have office suites that are readily available. They are conveniently located in the downtown area. They are located downtown because other services the executives need are conveniently located in the downtown area also. Of course, in some areas of the country, office suites are hard to come by.

For example, office space  Seattle is hard to obtain. With the growing technology industry surrounding Microsoft outside of Seattle, many companies are struggling to find office space and suites. Land is at a premium also. Although they need the additional office space, most companies do not want to build a skyscraper for their needs. Normally, another real estate company builds the skyscraper and leases the needed space to the individual companies. Unfortunately, the real estate companies will not build these huge buildings until a majority of the space can be leased.

Office space San Francisco is also at premium. As the population of California growing larger year after year and the huge explosion of Silicon Valley, office space is nearly non-existent in San Francisco. Although companies are building as fast as possible, demand is way ahead of supply and looks to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

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