Why Your Command Center Needs Video Walls to Improve Productivity

Summary: Video walls, when utilized correctly, can provide a substantial impact on business operations.

Operators and analysts in control rooms and command centers have a heavy responsibility of overseeing the company’s over structure and overall security measures. Additionally, they rely on accurate data which helps them make informed decisions on business operations or risk response. The implementation of a video wall alongside other pivotal control room furniture to display a wide variety of variables can make a command center an efficient centerpiece of any organization.

Real-Time Data

Video walls often display numerous visual representations of real-time data such as weather patterns, infrastructure data, social media interaction, and more – although this does vary based on the type of industry the organization is in. This is a crucial component as it can minimize downtime, help analysts anticipate problems before they happen, and reduce the overall business impact of any issues that occur in order to continue smooth business operations.

The need for a control room is the same for just about every field from security to banking. No matter what the industry is, teams need to be able to monitor business functionalities on a continuous basis as they require data. Additionally, they’ll need to be able to visualize it and work together to make collaborative decisions based on the problem at hand. This is where designing an appropriate command center from a contractor or even a professional consultant like Constant Technologies, Inc. can come in handy.

It’s easy to imagine how much diverse data is pouring in every second. How can the control room staff make sense of all this data coming in? They’ll require various dashboards that display data in a sensible way so each analyst can quickly scan the wall and obtain the information they need to proceed with their decision-making.