Why You Need Mail Forwarding As an International Business

Businesses all over the world would like to take advantage of the US market, but high costs can turn them away from opportunities. By forwarding US mail with a mail service, you have a chance to sell to the United States with a local address. Ultimately, if you can a business completely in the United States from abroad, you can lower your shipping costs.

Mail forwarding with a virtual address gives you credibility with US residents because there is a physical address they can send correspondence to within the United States. US customers are more likely to buy from e-commerce stores that are shipping and operating within the States. This domestic US address can be used to handle both product returns and order fulfillment. This gives you one secure location to handle any product returns or mail.

Begin a relationship with a mail service by giving them authorization to handle your mail. There is a special form, called 1856, that needs to be signed and returned to the forwarding company. This gives them legal coverage for handling mail that is not theirs. After all the proper documentation has been processed, you will be sent a US mailing address.

This new address can be used for selling your products online to US residents. You can also give this address to entities that send you magazine subscriptions, monthly bills, and more. Many forwarding companies also give you the ability to view your mail online. This way, unless you need a hard copy, it doesn’t need to be sent to you overseas.

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