Why Adding a Pool to Your House Might Not Increase its Value

Summary: Popular belief will have you convinced that adding a pool to your house will increase its value. However, there are some reasons why this might not necessarily be the case.


When it comes to renovations adding a pool is usually considered one of the changes that others find desirable. Few things are as relaxing as taking it easy in your very own pool after a long day but just how much value does it actually add?


High Maintenance Costs


Setting up a pool is not as easy as simply carving out the space in your backyard and filling it with water. To maintain proper pH, calcium, and sanitization levels you need to regularly perform maintenance on the pool. In addition to these levels, you will also need to keep an eye on the filtration and heating systems to make sure the pool water is clear and warm. All of this work can undoubtedly add up, leading to high maintenance expenses and time investments.


The Right Area


Another thing to keep in mind is the neighborhood you are considering building the pool in. Studies have shown that if you are in a nice neighborhood and many of your neighbors have pools, then having a pool in your own backyard might almost be expected. In such a scenario, a lack of a pool could actually make it more difficult to find a buyer or tenant.


You also have to keep in mind what kind of climate one can expect in that area. If you are in a warmer place like Hawaii, a pool could be great for several months out of the year. A place like Toronto, on the other hand, only has a few months of warm weather each year.


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