Why a Ground Power Unit is Mandatory for Small Airfields

Summary: Ground power units are often disregarded in smaller airfields. They’re actually more valuable than you might believe.

Ground power units are efficient pieces of equipment often used in the aviation industry as well as others. More importantly, it provides an aircraft with a sufficient amount of power in order to run their electronics without having to use the onboard auxiliary power unit. Some aviation enthusiasts do not include these units in their arsenal and believe that it isn’t necessary, but here are reasons why you should reconsider this thought.

They Are Highly Affordable

Most people only notice the price tag when purchasing new aviation equipment. Unbeknownst to many, a ground power unit is actually more affordable than other maintenance pieces and can easily be purchased and utilized immediately. Being the effective unit that it is, most pilots will find that their jobs have become much easier due to the use of a ground power unit. Consider it as an extra piece of equipment that supplies a steady amount of power and is available in a portable aspect as well.

They Work in Sync With Other Equipment

If for example, you purchase a new ground power unit from Start Pac, you’ll easily find that it will work perfectly in tandem with your other maintenance equipment. This means you won’t have to worry about it being a hassle more than it being a benefit to your airfield. With solid power output rates and guaranteed compatibility with your plane, assuming you purchase the correct model, these GPUs have become a staple in modern airfields and continue to flourish.