Who is a construction expert witness?

Summary: All construction claims and disputes involve complicated law and interpretation of the facts. The parties involved will bring in an expert witness to explain and present the facts to the decision makers.

In any construction dispute or claim, there will be a request to bring in a constriction expert witness to testify. Here is a primer on what you would expect from an expert witness.

The construction expert witness will have expert knowledge and expertise with every facet of the construction industry. The expert will testify to facts and issues related to construction law. Construction defects, building delays, codes and compliance, construction costs, are just a few examples of such parts of construction law.

The expert will discuss and go through factors like the construction process, land use, financing, zoning, regulatory compliance, permits etc. The standard building process involves the entire chain of events from bidding for a project to obtaining the necessary approvals from the government authorities. The witness will explain all of these, the industry standards and any related issues.

A legal claim for a construction project could involve properly law, contract law etc. For example: the lawsuit could be about contract performance. For the most effective and speedy resolution to the matter, the parties will bring in an expert witness to present scientific testimony to the decision makers.

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