Trust Your Intuition to Steer You Toward Success

Written by Eric Amidi.

Everyone gets “gut feelings” that tell them they should move their life in a certain direction. Sometimes we act on these instincts but in many cases we choose to ignore them. This is especially true if the instinct pushes us away from our comfort zone. This is a safe option but it’s not always the best option. My book “The Secret Behind The Secret” details the Laws of Attraction, which clearly show that it’s often important to listen to your intuition when making large or small decisions.
The Laws of Attraction show that achieving a harmonic way of living allows us to make deeper connections with the Universe. When a cosmic connection is made, the Universe often attempts to move us in certain directions that will ultimately be beneficial to our lives. This is where intuition comes from. It’s the Universe telling us do things that might run counter to our normal actions but that will turn out to help us achieve success.


Since these actions can be scary, our rational brain often tries to overrule our gut instincts. This hampers us in making bold decisions that we “feel” are right but have trouble justifying. Being harmonically centered and relaxed allows us to hear our intuition more acutely and be more willing to act on our first — and often correct — instincts. It’s a skill that you will need to work on by harnessing your powers of concentration and relaxation. In many cases, you will find that the most useful gut instincts come in moments of quiet reflection.


Dr. Eric Amidi is a leading expert in the Laws of Attraction. Dr. Eric Amidi has written on many topics that show how the brain’s powers can be used to positively influence a person’s future potential for happiness.

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