True First Class Air Travel Is With A Private Charter

Admit it; we all like to be pampered. Whether that means dining in a four star restaurant and having a waiter at your beck and call or flying first class, it’s nice to be rewarded with perks. In executive jet charter the realm of flying, it’s hard to travel first class and then revert back to flying coach. Now that you know what you’ve been missing you never want to go back! The same can be said for an executive jet charter. Once you have experienced the sheer pleasure of flying on a private aircraft charter you might not even want to go back to first class again. In other words, you’ll be spoiled for air travel but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

A private aircraft charter allows you to be truly in command of your travel. As you delve into finding the best executive jet charter for your needs you’ll quickly discover how accommodating this type of traveling is in terms of flexibility. You’ll be able to create a specific flight itinerary that matches up with your personal needs as opposed to being at the mercy of a commercial airline’s schedule. The costs for a private aircraft charter don’t rise and fall depending on how quick you need to fly or how long you plan on staying over in a particular city. The deal you work out is just that: the deal you work out!

Although you’ll want to take full advantage of planning your own personal itinerary for departures, there is no reason why you can’t shop around for the empty leg flights. These are the private aircraft charter flights that will otherwise be returning from their destination empty. Private jet companies like to book these flights instead of wasting the return trip so you can be saving big bucks on your return flight. In other words, when planning out your flight, ask about empty leg flights as a return option.

One of the other major pluses of executive jet charter flying is that these smaller planes can land in less crowded airfields. Often this can actually put you closer to your final destination. Then there is all of the luxury that comes with even the simplest of private aircraft charter flights. Top of the list would be the extra space you’ll have in your seat. There are even some layouts of private jets that allow for sofas instead of seats. For the truly luxurious experience, you can even fly in a private plane that has a bedroom. Imagine how much fun that will be for takeoff and landings!

Private aircraft charter flights also provide many in-flight amenities that allow you to either relax in total comfort, work on business or both. The relaxation is easy when you’ll only be flying with a handful of other folks that might even be of your own choosing. If a flight attendant is on board, they will be serving you directly throughout the entire flight. You can also watch DVDs or satellite TV on a wide screen set. For business travelers you can find hook up for fax machines, copiers, Wi-Fi and pretty much any other piece of office equipment you might need. There is no other way to describe it: Executive jet charter is the only way to fly!

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