Traveling Around Jordan: The Top Places To See

Since Jordan is becoming more and more of a top tourist location there are a number of different tours you can sign up for, but you will also find that there are plenty of car rentals in Jordan that can let you explore independently.

The city of Petra is definitely one of the places that you have to see, with ruins so extensive that it can take days to explore it all. Or you can stay indoors to explore ancient artifacts in the Jordan Museum which is one of the best in the Middle East.

Then there are the two “seas” in the area: The Dead Sea where you can float with ease even if you can’t swim, and the Red Sea lined with plenty of beaches and spas for you to relax and enjoy yourself at.

There are also various temples to see, a Roman theater to explore, and actual Bedouin tribes you can meet. These are thing that everyone should carve out times to do when visiting Jordan.

If you are not exactly fit enough to do a lot of walking, or maybe you have little ones that aren’t able to keep up, then there are helicopter or balloon tours in some places that enable you to enjoy yourself and have amazing views while seeing the sights.

Keep in mind that if you have already been to Jordan before, then a Monte Carlo rent a car will let you visit your favorite places during times when the guided tours are busy elsewhere, letting you go at your own pace at better times.