Top Rental Car Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make In Another Country

Many things stay the same when renting a car, no matter what country you happen to be in. However, there are certain rent a car mistakes that it can be infinitely worse to make if you happen to be in another country.

In many countries manual stick-shift vehicles are more the norm even though most Americans prefer automatic. Most rent a car companies keep some of these in stock, especially well-known companies like Monte Carlo Rent A Car. While it doesn’t happen often, you should take extra care that when you reserve a vehicle that it does say that it is automatic.

Reserving one can be very important in the busy season because no one can guarantee that you won’t have to learn how to drive stick shift for the first time on foreign streets otherwise. This is especially true if you hire a car at Amman Airport, since if this happens you will then have to learn in very crowded and busy conditions right after the end of a long flight.

Another mistake that you can make is to return your rented car at the wrong time. Different companies can vary as to the time of day you need to have your car returned by and, though most will give you a little bit of leeway, it is still best to verify. The last thing you want on your trip is for it to end on an unpleasant memory.