Top Qualities an Interim Manager Must Display

Summary: An interim manager may be necessary for a specific project. Here are some traits that he or she needs to have.

Construction managers are often considered to be the leader that will hold the entire project together. They take over the later stages of the planning and organizing phases of the project and proceed to act as the direct point of contact for all members of the team.

However, some construction sites find themselves in a bind when they lack a competent manager. This is where interim short-term management services can come into play.

Knowledge and Expertise

Project managers must have extensive knowledge of the construction industry. Everything from contracts to safety codes should be mastered by the interim manager. Moreover, he or she also holds an advanced degree in civil engineering or building science.

In an industry where time and money are crucial to the success of the project, the right interim manager can make all the difference.

Proper Organization

Project managers control the overall flow of the construction project. The level of responsibility that falls on the manager is equivalent to the entirety of the project. He or she must be able to juggle every aspect of the project and be able to handle any issues or mistakes that come up like delays of scheduling conflicts with ease.


The perfect candidate for a project manager is someone who is knowledgeable and able to handle large teams. However, if they lack the ability to pass on their skills to the team, their value may be lost when he or she is finished with the project.

Project managers may transfer some of their knowledge and expertise to the team in order to help facilitate the transition process. Effective training can improve the overall efficiency of the construction team and help deliver a successful project.

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