Tips In Hosting An Ice Cream Sundae Party

When the summer heat is on, we all flock to the nearest ice cream shop to ease and cool the temperature down a couple of knots. Every now and then new ice cream flavors are introduced in the market with wide array of hues that can match colored plastic spoons. Enjoying a cup of ice cream is truly a treat, which is why ice cream parties are getting more popular these days. Aside from checking ice cream supplies, here are a few tips that you can follow if you would want to host an ice cream sundae party at home.

Keep everything colorful from the venue setup, ice cream cups, toppings, spoons and napkins. Ice cream brings in a lot of fond memories, which is why your theme should also look fun and whimsical. You may also want to start scooping the ice cream in advance so that it won’t take too much time for your visitors to prepare their own ice cream bowls. Place a scoop of ice cream on cupcake liners, arrange them in a pan and pop these inside the freezer until your guests arrive. Setup a self-serve toppings buffet with colorful plastic spoons so your guests can pick their own toppings.

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