Three Habits for Staying Productive While Working at Home

Due to remote work’s increased popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees have settled into a new normal when it comes to working at home. Though many companies have grown to prefer this setup, it is not an automatic recipe for increased productivity. Employees still have to practice good habits to be successful in a remote work environment. Here are three essential tips for remote work success.

Create a productive work environment

Lucy Lyle, founder of consumer workplace goods company Perch, said this, “Your workspace at home should be designed for three things: focus, organization, and aesthetics.” Lucy Lyle continued, “Eliminate distractions, make sure everything you need is easy to find, and don’t be afraid to pick furnishings that look beautiful. You’ll be happier at work that way.”

Don’t forget to exercise

If you work from home, you have the liberty of going for a jog or doing a workout before starting the day’s work. Studies say that exercise has productivity-boosting benefits such as promoting focus and positive moods. Lucy Lyle said, “I always try to stay active. The healthier you are, the more energy you’ll have at work.” While you shouldn’t do anything too intense that will leave you exhausted before you start working, breaking a sweat before work will lengthen your life and give you a boost to start your day.

Don’t forget to take breaks

While we don’t advocate procrastination or taking breaks for too long, your work and your body will suffer if you spend too many hours staring at a screen. Be sure to stretch, stand, and get a glass of water throughout the day as you finish your daily tasks. Also, don’t forget to eat full, healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.