The Art of Retargeting: Fine Tuning

retargetingRetargeting is one of the most powerful tools a marketer has on desktop or mobile, but it can easily become over utilized. That can cause serious harm to your brand or your reputation if you’re not careful. Showing your ads just enough is highly dependent on your audience and what they might be receptive to. If you don’t show your ads enough, you’re essentially wasting money to add a minimal amount of sticky value to your promotions. Here are some tips to help you find the right number and tune your retargeting so you hit the right target every time.

A Fine Tune Check List

The first thing you need to do is develop your list, but you need to put the right kinds of people in that list. That starts by targeting the right audience in the first place. It might be best to take your second or third best performing campaigns and use those as a method to develop your retargeting list. This way, you avoid showing your ad repeatedly to people that have already converted to your products.

Next, set a reasonable frequency to begin and prepare to gauge how consumers are reacting. A good place to start is around three to five impressions per user. More than that can come across as a bother, but it will be dependent on your bounce rate. Any metrics your ad network provides, including conversion rate or number of views to impressions, can also be an indicator of how diluted your message is.

Finally, review your ad. Have a cannot-miss deal you run with your ads and make sure you make your landing page as smooth as possible for the user to go from step one to a goal.

Bio: Ted Dhanik, is the CEO of engage:BDR and an advocate for digital advertising. Ted Dhanik is believes the most effective ads provide a top quality user experience, and engage:BDR works hard to serve non-intrusive and highly targeted ads. Ted Dhanik is based in Los Angeles.