Stay on top of customer complaints

Have you shop for a vehicle lately? If so, you may have prepared yourself before the trip to the dealership. It is no secret that everybody thinks that you need to negotiate with the salesmen at the dealership for a better deal. Even after you purchase your vehicle, some are not happy about their visit to the dealership. What happen next is not surprising to many who study dealership experience. Some will not go back to the dealership again and bad mouth about their experience to anyone who wants to listen. With the popularity of the Internet, now the word gets around much faster and to many more people. This is bad publicity for the business.

In this Internet era, business owners need to guard their business and respond to customer complaints and criticism quickly. Many take proactive measures. They follow up with a phone call to the customer soon after they leave the business to find out about the customer experience and to stop spreading any ill will on the business. Attend to any dislikes mentioned by your customers immediately. Tout about improvements you made to the business and to improve customer experience on your advertisements and other communications.

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