Should you buy second hand shipping containers?

Written by port containers

When it comes to buying Shipping containers, should you go for Used containers for sale? The answer here, would have to be qualified. As a matter of fact, it all depends on the quality of the container if it’s still in a condition that can be recovered or salvaged. If you buy one that’s too dilapidated, then you would definitely be wasting your money. The rule of thumb here, then, is to buy a shipping container that can still be refurbished. This is the best and most cost-affordable way for you to have your own shipping containers especially when you aren’t transporting products that are perishable or are required to be in specific conditions like low temperature or in a vacuum. Buying second hand or used containers is a lot better than buying brand new ones precisely because you can get them at significantly lower prices. And when you factor in the costs or refurbishing it, it may just cost you for a total of about half of what a brand new shipping container would cost. A few things that you need to take note of when buying used containers is that you must know what the container was used for prior to its sale. Think of this as a degree of due diligence that you need to exercise so you wouldn’t have problems when you use it for your own purposes. Also, do not scrimp on refurbishing costs because you will be the one to regret it in the end.


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