Seeking Legal Help: Free Websites, Paid Subscriptions and Attorneys

The Internet advertises everything from quick weight loss, free cameras to even free legal advice. Websites that advertise free legal advice offer solutions to everyday problems such as traffic tickets and spousal laws, but do not offer solutions to complex financial or criminal issues. What’s important to understand is that most websites can offer legal help, and they may even get you out of the occasional parking ticket, but most free or legal membership websites cannot provide the same services as an actual lawyer. However, legal advice websites, legal subscriptions sites and even regular lawyers all serve a different purpose depending on the type of legal help you may need.

When to seek free legal advice

Most legal websites do offer answers to legal questions that can spare you the occasional trip to an attorney’s office. However, these free legal sites are only useful for understanding what laws are being upheld or broken. But you must also remember, these websites post answers to general questions you may have; they do not provide legal advice for specific problems you may be experiencing.

For example, you may be able to receive free legal advice regarding bankruptcy laws, however, laws may differ depending on the state you live in and the type of financial situation you are in. An individual living in Van Nuys, for example, may need different legal help regarding bankruptcy regulations from an Individual living in Tucson, which is why the individual living in Van Nuys may want to see a local Van Nuys bankruptcy attorney and not just consult a free website.

When Legal Subscription Websites Are Useful

Legal subscription websites offer a legal service of some kind, such as writing a will or helping an individual write a contract of some kind. These services often require an individual to pay a nominal fee or sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription. While these websites are nice to employ if you need legal advice for small issues, they are not so useful for larger issues.

For example, if you live in Woodland Hills and are considering filing a bankruptcy and need legal advice, you may be better off contacting a Woodland Hills bankruptcy attorney than contacting the your legal subscription service.

When to Hire or Speak to an Attorney

If you find yourself in need of a specialized service that only a lawyer can handle, e.g. if you are accused of a crime, if you are suing a person, or if you are filing for bankruptcy. While you may be opposed to the hefty attorney’s fees, it is best to resolve the problem correctly and immediately, than to postpone the problem and allow it to compound your legal problems.

Please remember, you can use a legal consultation site as a free service before you seek out a lawyer, but do not expect the free site to offer representation or equip you with enough knowledge to solve your legal problems.

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