Savvy Lottery Players Order Tickets Online

When it comes to getting a lottery ticket, most people know they should go to their local convenient store. However, some lottery players are not “most people.” A growing number of savvy lottery players in the state of California have learned through the media that they can now go to a new location to order lottery tickets: online.

Like everyone else, California lottery players get tired of waiting in long lines to order lottery tickets, especially during times when the jackpot grows to hundreds of millions of dollars. But unlike the rest of the crowds, it seems more people are looking to the internet to order Mega Millions tickets online. The source? LottoGopher.

LottoGopher a new company that makes it possible for lottery players to orderlottery tickets through the internet without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. One would assume that a company that offers this type of service would take a cut from the winnings. But LottoGopher doesn’t take a percentage of the winnings. Instead, it gets paid by offering customers membership plans. Customers can select from monthly or annual membership plans in return for access to an online ticket store where they can order everything from MegaMillions to Powerball and Super Lotto Plus. The online service is not only convenient, but there’s more. The company goes to the liquor store and orders the actual lottery ticket and keeps it safe in a secure storage facility. In addition to offering lottery tickets online, Lotto Gopher also offers public lottery pools, the best “and only proven” way to increase your odds of winning the lottery.

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