Save Your Health With Payless Water Heater Installation and Maintenance

Tank water heaters have a few health risks, but Payless Water Heaters will maintain your unit for optimal usage at the highest standard of safety.

Water heaters are a necessity today. Most houses in the United States have at least one water heater, and many of them are old and need to be replaced ( Replacements and maintenance are crucial in keeping your water heater up to date, and keeping your family healthy; your best option is to use smaller and more intimate company that is more concerned about you than the bottom line.

What are some of the most common risk factors from old or badly installed tank water heaters? Bacteria, water scalding, and carbon monoxide to name a few. Certain bacteria thrive in the average water temperature of heaters, which is about 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Such bacteria can cause a disease with pneumonia like symptoms affecting the lungs. It’s called Legionnaire’s disease, and it is often misdiagnosed at the doctor’s office. It infects the lungs through water vapor, which is exactly what is going on when you take a nice, hot shower.

A simple solution to the bacteria problem is to turn up your water heater to between 135 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but that introduces the problem of scalding. When you are distracted, you may turn up the heat in your sink or shower too high and burn yourself. If you have small children, you know they won’t always understand how to make sure the water is safe.

Carbon monoxide is by far the most severe potential health hazard of a propane or natural gas water heater. Any potential leak can either slowly affect your family, or suddenly take the lives of everybody in the household.

These are serious concerns with a tank water heater, but there are solutions. The first is making sure your water heater is up to date. The average life of a heater is 12 years, but depending on different circumstances, it may be shorter or longer. The second is to regularly maintain the unit. As mentioned earlier, using a smaller, family owned company will ensure that your safety will be of utmost importance to the staff. You aren’t just a number, you are a person … a person they will make sure is safe in their own home.

You don’t want the safety of your family in the hands of a giant corporation that doesn’t care about you. You want a small company that will put you and your family first. Another perk: they are also sometimes more affordable.


Guest post is provided by Payless water heaters. offers services to install and maintain water heater units. Visit their website for more information.

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