Overseas Traveling Tips

You never just board a plane and arrive to your destination. It takes careful planning to make your business trip go smoothly. If you’re traveling overseas, your trip becomes a bit more complicated because you need to apply for the proper visas and ensure all US Passports for your partners are ordered to prevent any issues. Even as you prepare your flight plans, you may want to understand some basic rules when flying out of the country on business.

Apply for Visas Ahead of Time

Visa possessing times vary from country to country. Some countries process your papers faster than other countries. Each country also has different application steps as well, with some countries allowing you to apply and receive a visa through a travel agent while others may require you to apply for a visa through their embassy.

It is important to have your visas ready before your flight to avoid any issues with customs and immigration. It is best to apply for your visa at least one month in advance to avoid paying higher processing fees. Remember, without a visa, you cannot enter the country and you can even be fined or imprisoned for not carrying the proper documents.

Hotel Reservations and Food

The two biggest expenses next to air travel is the cost of food and hotel. You never want to settle on just any hotel, you want to locate a hotel that is conveniently near your business destinations, allowing you to avoid paying for taxi fare. You may also want to consider staying in a hotel that provides Wi-Fi to allow you to work inside of your room during after-hours business meetings.

Food is expensive. No matter where you travel, you are bound to pay extra for a single meal. If you want to cut down on these costs, you may want to consider packing enough snacks to curb the costs of buying three meals a day. Pack water and food to help you avoid buying as many meals while on business. If possible, try to locate cheap restaurant near your hotel, but remember, always avoid American fast-food chains. KFC, McDonalds, even Burger King may exist in the country you travel to, but they do not offer the value meals you see here in the States.

Read the Visa Restrictions

Depending on how long your business trip is and what places you decide on traveling to will dictate the type of visa you will need to apply for. For example, if you apply traveling to Russia, read and understand the restrictions on the different Russian visas to understand what rules you must follow and how long you may stay in the country with the visa you apply for.

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