Machine Vs Man in the War on Forex

When it comes to forex trading most investors either use automated forex robots to help them capitalize on their investments or use an intricate systems of signals, suggests, tips, and tricks, like those on fx360, so that they may have control when investing online.  Both tactics, when approaching the market, have their advantages and disadvantages, and some websites have preferred to take up one side over the other.

Forex Automoney, for one, is a not a forex robot.  Instead it is a service that provides its members with trading recommendations, but does not trade for their clients, and is similar to other sites like Finexo Forex. The professionals behind the site analyze the market and make recommendations as to where the market could fluctuate next, and unlike forex robots, Automoney allows their users to trade in all forms of currency.  Their users can also trade on an intra-daily, daily and weekly basis.  They may not boast about having a ninety percent accuracy rate, but their monthly costs are low and there is an eight week money back guarantee.  Forex Automoney is not a get rich quick scheme.  It is a real site with real life people behind it making real human bases suggestions for their clients and giving them full control in the end as to where to invest.  They want people in control, and that is what they are striving for.

Forex Ambush on the other hand is a similar system, as it too provides some suggests on where to invest next, but overall it is an artificial intelligence engine.  It was designed by thirty-one elite traders, and it allows the investor to attach their Forex Ambush advice, by technical means, to their forex trading account so that their trading becomes automated.  Forex Ambush claims to offer sixty percent to one-hundred percent returns monthly and two-thousand percent annually with a one-hundred percent accuracy rate.  These numbers may seem bombastic, but they provide their own guarantees to back up their claims.  Ambush’s system is meant to make forex online trading easy, and they do with their automated services.

However, in the end it is up to the individual to decide whether they like being in controls, or if they prefer a robot to do the work for them.  Each site has their ups and downs, and at the end of the day the use of both, or another company that provides both types of services, may be the best bet choice yet.

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