Live Banners: The Evolution of Display Advertising – By Ted Dhanik

The banner ad is one of the most effective elements used in online display advertising. With contextual marketing methods, they can be placed on any website with matching content, which can be effective in reaching the target consumers that a company wishes to attract. It is a trusted method that is used wide and far with online marketing. And yet, as effective as it can be, so many of a company’s competitors use the same method. So what can a company do to gain an edge that helps it stand out?

Live banners are that next step in the evolution of online marketing. Imagine a banner ad with additional content, such as animation or video elements. This is the very nature of live banners. It takes the traditional static banner and adds dynamic elements to gather more attention from the online viewer. Since static banners are a dime a dozen, individuals who peruse through various websites have started to become numb or inattentive to these traditional forms of online promotion.

What is remarkable is that this tool is used quite sparingly. While this may have to do with extra cost due to development and maintenance, it is still surprising due to the impact a live banner can have in promoting a product or service. While profits for a company are the main consideration, initially paying extra for tools, such as live banners, can ultimately create interest and attract new customers. The extra expense is more than worth it if it can create awareness and increased traffic to an online business.

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