It’s More Than Just the Game

Are you the type who’d rather be outdoors this summer than spend the bright sunny day trapped in a room? Chances are, if you’re the outdoors type, you’re also very much into sports – as they usually go hand in hand. Maybe you’re a pretty good basketball player hoping to be a kind of LeBron James in the future. Maybe you’re into baseball so much that it’s not even enough that you just play the game – you’ve actually seen all Toronto Blue Jays home games (and wish they’d win in the World Series) and actually caught one of those balls.

You start by going to the games, then to figuring out how to play it yourself, to obsessing over stats, hoarding paraphernalia, and maybe even getting a shot at owning a one-of-a-kind memento. Before you know it, you’re no longer just a sports fan; you are a living curator of your own personal museum of athletic artifacts – which is really, really cool.

It then wouldn’t come as a surprise if you’re completely over-protective of your collection. You just want to lock in those mementoes in some sports display cases so that dust wouldn’t creep over it. If you’re also environmentally-conscious type, then maybe you can try keeping them in some sort of sustainable packaging. Of course, it’s totally up to you!

Article submitted by Pioneer Plastics.If you’re more of the different kind of outdoors person, who likes collecting insects and other creatures you find out there in the wild, then maybe insect cages would be something you’d like to check out.

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