Internet marketing strategies for a small business

Article by Pierre Zarokian




For a small business the internet can be the most effective marketing tool if utilized properly. Internet marketing can be done at no cost and has the ability to reach out to a wide section of your target market. How can you formulate a low cost marketing strategy using the internet to develop your business?

Create a website for the business
This is the first step. Create a website which will appeal to the target audience. Use the wording carefully in such a manner to convince the reader that your product is the answer to his problem and make him purchase it.

Search Engine Optimization
Forward traffic to your website by writing articles which feature keywords that will direct potential customers to your website. Keep the articles updated to get higher rankings on major search engines such as Google.

Ezine marketing
Write good promotional material with links to your website to market your product on free article directories such as Ezine.

Use social networking sites
Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace have become powerful advertising media due to the large number of people using them. Create a professional page giving details of your business and add people who will give positive comments on your product.

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Pierre Zarokian runs an SEO and Web Design Company in Glendale CA.  He often speaks at tradeshow conferences such as Pubcon and Search Engine Strategies. He also makes EDM music. You can listen to his music at Pierre Zarokian Soundcloud Page.

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