How to successfully develop a marketing strategy for software

If you want to boost the sales of your software, like with everything else a good marketing strategy is as important as having a good product to sell. Here are some marketing techniques that will optimize your marketing campaign.

Pay per click campaigns

Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo place ads near the search results where advertisers bid on keyword phrases to get to their target market. The website is paid on a “pay per click” basis.

Continuous search engine optimization

If you want to sell online you need to ensure that you always have a high ranking on the major search engines. This needs to be done by adding fresh content to your site, testing various keywords and monitoring results.
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Affiliate marketing

This is where an affiliate on the internet will promote and sell your product from their website for a commission.

Submit articles

Write articles relating to software and publish them on online publications where you can promote your product for free. You need well written professional articles and always include a link to your website.

Write newsletters and press releases

Use email marketing to stay in touch with your clients and inform them of the new products you develop.


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