How to keep your cash register clean

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Cash registers are one of the first thing customers see when placing orders at some establishments. A clean cash register will make a positive impression of the business. In addition it will also keep the mechanical functions running smoothly and will reduce the need for repairs and cash register parts. Here is how to keep your cash register clean:

Make a note of all money and other items taken from inside the cash register and set them aside. The first thing to do is to lean the register forward slightly to release any debris trapped inside the crevices. You can shake it a little if it helps loosen debris.

Next is to dust the register. You can use a paintbrush and brush it inside and out. You can then remove any fine dust particles by using a vacuum along the smallest crevices and between the keys. In these situations a small cordless vacuum works the best.

Now that dust and debris have been removed take a lightly damp cloth and wipe down the entire register. Make sure to wipe the underside and rinse the cloth if there is a lot of dirt.

Finally clean the keys and screen with some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. Make a schedule and do this regularly.

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