Growing Your Own Was Never Easier

Space is not only the final frontier it is also that thing we covet the most in our own homes or apartments. With open space come possibilities. If you have available space in a basement, attic, garage or even closet under the stairs you might consider a grow room setup that will allow you to cultivate a wide variety of indoor plants. Most in-home growers are also handy when it comes to DIY projects. This will be helpful as you adapt what was once a storage space into a viable indoor garden.

There are some key components you need to consider when it comes to any grow room. First up would be the issue of access. Your grow space needs to allow you the ability to move about freely to take care of your plants. If you’re dealing with a simple closet set up then your access is limited to opening that closet door. However, when you get into larger rooms you want to make sure you’ve got a decent flow going between the aisles of plants.

This flow issue is also important when it comes to the issue of ease of use. A hydroponic garden is going to use a lot of water and that means additional weight. Will your grow room setup be able to accommodate this extra weight? That’s not a concern if you’re working out of a free standing building, but in an apartment building you might have to consider that extra load. As you fire up your grow lights you’re also going to be creating a humid atmosphere that can potentially cause problems for wallpaper or wooden moldings.

As important as your grow lights will be to your plants so too will the darkness when those lights cycle off. This means your grow room has to incorporate a total blackout in terms of outside light sources. Any light that you don’t regulate can set off the growth or diminishing of your plants. That’s certainly not what you want to contend with after all this hard work.

With regard to water, you have to think in terms of arrival and departure. Your grow room needs to incorporate an incoming supply of fresh water, but there also needs to be proper drainage for your plants. This is where you’ll be able to tap into the many online resources for help. You won’t need a degree in engineering to figure out a decent irrigation system; you’ll just need to follow directions.

Speaking of the internet, it is conceivable that you’ll be able to order your entire grow room setup online. Everything you need from the grow lights to the plant containers to a portable ventilation system is only a mouse click away. Depending on your potential crop, you might want to stay local for your seed purchase. However, everything else can be found online. You’ll also find a helpful support community who is willing to offer their sage advice. The best advice is to start small, get to know the indoor grow system and then take it where you want it to go!

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