Google’s Side Projects

Written by Samuel Phineas Upham

Google is an interesting company with investments that extend far beyond its core business as a search giant. Google sits on a substantial portion of capital, and has attempted to use it in different methods. Fiber, for instance, is Google’s effort at pushing telecommunications into the future by offering fast speeds for individuals and businesses. This is a company that mows its lawn with a force of goat janitors, so there are definitely interesting side projects happening at Google.


Calico has an ambitious goal: to mitigate and cure aging and its associated diseases. Calico is a shortened version of “California Life Company,” and it’s currently led by Arthur D. Levinson. In a press release from Larry Page, the company stated that technology has the potential to save and change lives. He argued that it was logical for Google to explore this space, and stated that this investment paled in comparison to Google’s annual earnings. Details are scant about the company, which is just getting through its early hurdles.

Self-Driving Cars

Google has been working on automated transportation for the past few years. It hopes to utilize some of the technology already at use in applications like “Maps,” in conjunction with advanced radar to create better roads and highways. The company believes that accidents are almost exclusively caused by human error, and that automating the driving experience can remove that element from the equation. They argue their initiatives will shrink commute times and provide a safer driving experience.

Samuel Phineas Upham

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