General Electric is slowly moving the needle

General Electric (GE) Company is a publicly traded, multi billion dollars a year, international business conglomerate headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut. Its 2013 employment stands at 305,000 employees spread over 160 countries worldwide in eight company divisions. Founded in 1892 in Schenectady , New York by four prominent members and scientists including Thomas Edison, it now manufacture and sell appliances, aviation gear, consumer electronics, electrical distribution equipment, electric motors, energy, finance, gas, healthcare, lighting, locomotives, oil, software, water, weapons, and wind turbines.

Last few years have not being good for GE. Its problems with the GE Capital unit caused headache for the parent company. While others are recovering from the worst economic downturn in decades, GE is still slow to react. It is trying to reduce the size of GE Capital to stop the drain on the parent company and focus on industrial lines including gas equipment, power generation, and aviation. GE lags its peers including United Technologies, Honeywell, General Electric and Danaher. Investors in the stock of the company are not happy with its slow growing share price which hasn’t moved upward lately. Some blame the current management for problems that GE currently facing.

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