Essential Tips to Plan a Corporate Move

Planning to move an office is a huge undertaking with a lot of moving parts. Your employees will need to stay productive throughout this process or your business suffers. You also don’t want to rely on those employees to conduct the move without any kind of plan for action. That’s why it’s essential to inspect all elements of a corporate move to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Delegate with Lists

Refer to management 101 for this first tip. Make a list of all potential tasks, including tasks that require outside contractors, then delegate accordingly. Make sure that you have someone calling your contractors too. You need to make sure that the work is being timely, and correctly, as it will be harder to reset something done poorly the first time around once you’re operation gets moving again.

Inform Clients

Any plan to move your office should involve your customers. Once you decide on a date to move, and figure out the potential drain on resources, communicate with your customer base. Tell them about planned outages for phone lines, and give them realistic dates when they can expect your operation to get back up to speed.

Pack Smart

Use storage containers for rent to consolidate the amount of packing you do, then ship your items on a flat bed truck. This saves you time and resources. You won’t need to spend as much money on individual crates and moving trucks, and rentals don’t require long term investments or exit strategies. You can also use rentals as temporary storage units once you’re onsite, hosting materials that you don’t want to keep in office.

Expedite the Move

Container rentals can have multiple access points, where workers can quickly unload payloads from above or the sides. Flat racks typically don’t have a roof, so movers can drape a tarpaulin cover over the top and tie the load down. Items can be craned out when the move is completed.

There are also containers that interlock, creating a network of storage spaces for extra materials you plan to use or sell off later.

Update Online Listings

The final component of any successful move involves updating all of your location-based services. Aside from postal filings, you will need to change your listings in Google and Yelp to reflect the new address. This is important for local searches, and it helps customers new and old to locate you.


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