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In some way we are all collectors. We collect the furniture we live with. We collect the clothes we wear. We also collect all kinds of papers, books and other mementoes of our lives. Then there are the serious collectors who go outside of the basics to acquire those special one-of-a-kind items. These items either serve as a reminder of a cherished memory or as a viable investment. Collections like these come in all shapes and sizes. The issue then becomes how is the best way to put these collectables on display in order for you to enjoy every day? Actually, there’s a simple solution to that and that would be with custom design jersey display cases and flag cases.

Sports memorabilia is a fast-growing subsection of the collectibles market. It’s one thing to buy a mass-market jersey of your favorite basketball, football or baseball star. Those are the types of jerseys you might wear to sporting events and to show off your home team pride. However, when you can find a jersey that has actually been worn by the player and then is autographed by that same player then you have got yourself a valuable collectible. Jerseys are so commonplace among sports teams that it’s not unusual for an athlete to give them out as special gifts or trophies to fans. These are not jerseys you want to wear to the next sporting event because they’re just too valuable. They should be well taken care of in jersey display cases.

The design of many jersey display cases are the same. Usually you’ll have the jersey properly mounted on some sort of velvet or felt backboard and then encased with in an acrylic box. This will allow you to enjoy looking at your jersey collection at any time safe in the knowledge that these jersey display cases are preventing UV rays, dust or other harmful elements from taking a toll on your collectible.

While it is true that many jersey display cases are standard you could also have custom-made cases created for your entire collection. Instead of showcasing just one jersey you could conceivably have one case for an entire starting lineup of jerseys. That would be an incredible showcase for a wall in your home.
The other thing you want to consider when shopping for jersey display cases is the kind of access you might want for your memorabilia. In other words, should this case be locked like a window or situated or as a kind of enclosed box frame? Your decision could be based on the decor of the room where you’ll be hanging up these cases. Just consider all your options before making the final choice.

When it comes to protecting special commemorative flags you should also consider the same kind of safeguard with flag cases. Often these are flags hold special meaning for a family as they have been presented at the funeral of a fallen hero. Flag cases like these would make a very thoughtful gift for a family that would like to preserve this special flag. No matter what type of collectible you have the last thing you want to do is keep it tucked away in a box!

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