Defining High Risk Merchant Accounts

If you’re trying to get approved for a merchant account, you might have heard the term high risk merchant. Are you a high risk merchant? And if you are, can you still get approved for a merchant account with Solid Trust Pay.

A high risk merchant is a merchant with a higher risk of major issues, such as chargebacks, sales disputes and returns. There are several types of businesses that fall into this category, including all types of ecommerce businesses, travel agencies, and internet auctions, to name a few. An online business is categorized as high risk mainly because the credit card is not verifiable in person.

Unfortunately, if you own an online business, you might be considered a high risk to many merchant account providers. The good news, however, is that many companies such as SolidTrustPay specialize in providing high risk merchants with affordable merchant account services. This includes people with online companies. This is because they can look at other areas of your business to determine whether you qualify for a merchant account. Some of these areas include your credit history, the length of time you’ve been in business, and your previous merchant account history. To learn more about high-risk merchant account services, please visit

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