Change The Look and Feel of Any Room With a Mirror

One thing we all share in common it’s that at least once a day everybody gets a chance to stare at themselves. This is accomplished anytime we pass by a mirror. For some, this is just a true passing glance to make sure everything is in its proper place before heading out into the world. For others, the mirror has become their best friend who is always there to show them just how awesome they look. It’s those folks who actually have a hard time tearing themselves from the mirror! Mirrors aren’t just for us to gaze into. In the realm of home decorating, well placed round wall mirrors can improve the look and feel of any room. It certainly won’t bust your decorating budget by adding contemporary mirrors on the list of your proposed redesign plans.

The obvious benefit from hanging round wall mirrors on your wall is that they give the impression your room is actually larger than it really is. The bigger the mirror, the more open the room feels. With the right placement, you could actually have your mirror reflect the view from a window which is like having a double benefit of that great view.

For all practical purposes every mirror is built the same way. It is a piece of glass with a backing made from aluminum or silver that “seals” off one side of the glass and bounces back a reflection. What makes those mirrors a perfect pick for your home would be the kind of frames you choose to surround them in. This is where shopping online becomes a great benefit. If you have a mirror but need to find just the right frame you’ll be able to browse through an amazing variety of shapes, sizes and textures online.

The goal should be to tie your mirrors into the décor theme of the rest of your room. For instance, if you’ve gone modern with your furnishings then an antique wooden frame might not be the best choice. Another cool affect that can be accented through mirrors will be your choice of wall colorings. While white walls are still the most popular choice for walls homeowners are finding that deeper hues of reds, yellows and blues can transform a room and change the feel of your entire home.

Another simple tip for improving the look of a room is by bringing life into that room in the form of plants. The selection of your plants is as important as the selection of your contemporary mirrors. You don’t want plants that will become overgrown like vines or something that will be hard to maintain. Keep it simple.

Just as you can do all of your decorating shopping online you can also find plenty of inspiration from how other folks have redesigned their homes. Even beyond the professional home decorating websites you’ll find plenty of proud bloggers who are happy to show off what they’ve done in their homes. Who knows? You might just end up showing off your own decorating job!

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