Capture China

It is clear that China’s culture is vastly different from ours. Aside from their language and history, mannerisms and preferences can potentially become barriers to introducing your service or product in their market. Their culture is so complicated that to do it alone with less than the complete understanding of their culture is an all or nothing risk, and even if your introduction was pulled of well, the future can only hold more complications leaving you to deal with it alone. These risks can easily be reduced once you find an Asian marketing firm that has experience in China event marketing that handles the culture of this country on a daily basis. There’s no point in investing a large part of your company’s funds just to lose it all just because of a single detail.  The situation is always delicate when dealing with cultures unfamiliar to you, there will always be that one small thing that can turn potential investors or customers off, it could be the way you speak, or body movements that you don’t even notice, it could even be something as petty as the color of tie you’re wearing. As they say: the devil is in the details.

Unveiling your product range in an event can be a make-or-break opportunity and the small investment of leaving the details to an outside firm that specializes in the market can potentially become the major factor in acquiring the revenue that your company wants in penetrating this market.


E21 MagicMedia is one event marketing firm that can aid you in your endeavours to capture the Chinese market with the use of Chinese media.

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