Business Success with Swarovski jewelry

Written by Too Cute Beads

Swarovski crystals have been around since 1895, that’s over a century of maintained quality and successful business. Swarovski has also enabled several other businesses to flourish with the aid of its products. Jewelers, artisans and crafters have been able to bank on Swarovski’s reputation to start their own business and to sell products made out of Swarovski elements. This is because in the mind of consumers Swarovski has forged a reputation of delivery quality products and by-products.

This Austrian company has grossed over 2.3 billion Euros in 2012 with sales of Crystals. The whole group had over thirty thousand employees in 2012. This goes to show the business success of the Crystal industry. The success is set to be maintained as Swarovski crystals have risen to become quasi jewelry staples for a lot of people. Swarovski jewelry is regarded as symbolizing timelessness and luxury.

Another product that has gained a lot of consumer appeal in jewelry are sterling silver beads. These are very versatile and durable products. Jewelry stores are offering sterling silver findings and jewelry as they tend to cause less allergic reactions in contact with the skin. For that reason, many people with metal allergies prefer to choose this kind of jewelry. Sterling silver jewelries might be more expensive when bought from jewelers as compared to buying beads and jewelry supplies online and making them yourself.

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