Big businesses are trying out same day deliveries

Amazon, Wal-Mart Stores, EBay and Google all offer a new business strategy, same day delivery in selected cities. The United States Postal Service realizing their loss of delivery dominance, now trying out similar strategies. They now deliver for on Sundays in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and other cities and trying out a same day delivery pilot program in the New York City known as Metro Post. Remember big commotion from using the possibility of drones in the future to deliver packages instantaneously?

Delivering goods purchased is a good and proven business strategy not just limited to pizza. People tend to use it more if they can get hold of what they ordered online almost instantaneously. That day may not be too far away. In smaller cities many mom and pop laundries are also using same day pickup and delivery service. It has become a proven strategy to keep existing customers and attract new customers. Many online business services may find it difficult to adopt the same day delivery service due to logistics issues. Even though drones are several years away, having a strategy to deliver products quickly may help businesses to make money.

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