Basic Credit Card Terminal Features

If your business is ready to start accepting credit cards, you need to have a credit card terminal. Many people assume that all credit card terminals are the same. This simply isn’t the case. Along with needed specialized terminals for wireless credit card processing, you’ll also want to make sure that the terminal you use is right for the specific needs of your business.

For example, if you take orders at a physical store location as well as online, you’ll want to consider a terminal that can connect to a computer. This will allow you to manage your standard and online merchant accounts all in one place. It’s much more convenient than having separate machines tied to Internet merchant accounts.

So what are some of the features that you should consider when evaluating credit card terminals? Payment Solutions, Inc. lists some of the major ones you need to think about:

Keypads: If your terminal doesn’t swipe an older card or you need to enter in a credit card manually, you’ll want to have sturdy and easy to press keypads. Some terminals have 40-key pads that allow you to program in functions that are frequently used.

Display Options: A standard terminal will display two lines of text with 20 characters per line. Some advanced machines, however, can display two additional lines of text, allowing you to see more information as the transaction goes through. You can also purchase terminals that have backlights that make them easier to read in low-light environments.

Printer: Some credit card terminals come with their own internal printer. These printers use thermal paper and automatically print a receipt straight from the machine once a purchase is authorized with copies for both the business and the customer to keep. Other terminals connect to an external printer, which can be more affordable if you are doing large volumes of credit card sales.

External PIN Pads: If you also want your customers to be able to use your terminal to accept credit cards, you’ll want to have an external PIN pad. This is a unit that connects to your terminal and allows them to enter in their PIN without having to reach around the counter. It provides security for you and comfort for your customer. Keep in mind that you will likely have to pay a separate transaction fee for debit card purchases, although in many cases this is smaller than what you pay to your merchant bank for each credit card purchase.

————————————————————————————————————————— Payment Solutions, Inc. wrote this article on terminals for standard and wireless credit card processing. Visit their site to learn more about standard and online merchant accounts.

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