A Stunning Business Secret: Shared Office Space in Orange County

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Starting up a brand-new company, or developing a currently existing one, is a difficult task, especially in Orange County. More and more business owners are looking for short term office space to help support their business. Although operating in a large city allows for an endless possibility of contacts, it can cost an arm and a leg for leasing costs due to the high demand among business owners. Some choose to operate their business from home, yet many wish they had a prestigious location to operate from.

Normally, these locations are completely out of budget. However, using a shared office space allows business owners to rent conference rooms by the hour with a fully stocked kitchen. Some choose only to use conference space and virtual services, yet others rent an office suite for full or part time access. Instead of leasing or buying an office that they plan to hardly use, business owners now rent space only as they need it, dramatically reducing their cost of doing business. As business people know, cutting costs and increasing revenue is the recipe for success.

Shared meeting rooms in Newport Beach and other Orange County cities offer space that can be rented by the hour. Most temporary office spaces are located in prestigious and premier locations with luxurious and contemporary conference rooms and suites. Complete with a secretarial staff and fully stocked kitchen, these professional looking locations are the perfect place to operate a business that can largely be done at home. Many of these locations allow you to use their address for a reduced fee even if you don’t rent physical space in their office. Simply having a business address versus a residential address adds a great amount of credibility to your business.

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