A rapid shift in traditional marketing model

More and more businesses from software and health-care to manufacturing are moving from in-person sales or what is known as outside sales to inside selling.  The Bloomberg Businessweek reports that according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. will add about 1.9 million inside sales jobs by 2020.  Just the wholesale trade alone will require additional 223,400 people according to the report.  Some companies including Verizon Communication and Rosetta Stone are bringing in 10 people for every one person hired to work outside.  Some estimate that each inside sale cost about $50 compared to $500 per outside sale.

The rapid expansion of high speed Internet and social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and software such as GoToMeeting.com and Skype are making it easier to sell products online than face to face.    Internet is allowing more and more workers to work at home without having to commute.  Additionally, the new wave is helping companies to cut marketing budgets and get more out of what they spent on marketing.  The inside sales does not require expensive company vehicles and large travel budgets.  Economics will push inside sales even further in coming months and years when corporations are looking to save money.

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