Why Focus Group Testing Is a Staple of Market Research

Today, many companies invest time and resources in focus group research and marketing because of the insightful and in-depth data focus group testing can yield. While market research is an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy, focus group testing is an important research method because it answers the question “Why?”

Instead of just raw data and numbers from quantitative research, focus group testing allows marketers to examine the thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and motivations that affect how customers engage with your product. A group of carefully-selected people can yield more valuable information about your target demographic within 60 to 90 minutes than quantitative opinion polls. Interviewing people in groups can also save time and money, compared to the alternative of interviewing respondents one-on-one.

Focus group methodology has also evolved over the years, giving you multiple options for conducting focus group testing. In recent years, online focus groups have grown in popularity, allowing companies to conduct testing remotely. This option provides more convenience and saves money since respondents can answer interview questions from the comfort of their homes. Interviewees may also be more forthcoming in online focus groups rather than in traditional focus group events.

It should be noted that despite the practicality of focus group testing, it may not be the most suitable option for certain businesses. If you are interested in conducting focus group testing, you may need a professional market research company to guide you through all the options and find the best one for your business’s unique needs. The team at John Zogby Strategies are veterans of market research, survey data collection, and focus group testing. Contact them today if your company is interested in focus group testing.