What to Remember When Changing Careers to Entertainment Law

Attorneys that are looking to make the jump to entertainment law need to consider every legality before diving straight into the market. This guide is designed to provide you with the basics of understanding what you need in order to make the switch the entertainment industry.

Insurance Coverage

Lawyers should never assume that their liability insurance will cover claims made against them for legal work within the entertainment industry. In order to go about this, it’s important that you consult with an insurance broker so he or she can guide you to what you’ll need to provide coverage within the market. If you neglect to do this, there could be a series of legal issues that you could potentially be dragged into if something were to happen on the job.

Don’t Tiptoe into a Grey Area

New attorneys that are handling cases for the first time tend to find themselves performing other services outside of what they should be doing as their attorney. Remember, if your clients ask you to do something outside of your jurisdiction, you should always refrain doing it. Some services include: becoming a manager for the client, being an investment advisor, and even giving advice that’s not meant to be openly stated.

Be clear about what can and can’t be done for the client. A verbal agreement won’t do the job – as you probably already know. Be sure that you have everything documented already when it comes to signing a client. You’ll want your client to understand everything that you’re going to do for him or her. Anything outside of that will either void the contract or be declined. Additionally, you’ll want to verbally outline and cover every aspect of the engagement letter so the client will have a solid understanding of what he or she should expect out of your services – it essentially works both ways. Be sure to emphasize this to avoid any upcoming problems.

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