What Kind Of Online Shopper Are You?

Everyone knows somebody who is obsessed with online shopping. Not a hoarder or one of those coupon clipper types, but a true bargain shopper who enjoys the thrill of a good online hunt.

Most of these shoppers fall into one of several categories. First, there are the comparative shoppers who will search every site several times just to make sure they are getting the best or lowest price. Often times these shoppers are men who are trying to get a good deal on a new computer or searching to make sure the dealership where they want to buy their newest toy, is giving them an honest and indeed good deal. These shoppers will at times take breaks in their daily work just to fiddle with some numbers and will usually take weeks if not months until they make their actual purchase. They have patience of steel and the determination to go with it.

Next, there are those that like to do the bidding game. These shoppers are willing to stay up all night watching a hot item they want to win on eBay. These folks get a thrill out of bidding at the last possible second of an auction and winning their favorite childhood Star Wars action figure or My Pony figurine. Sometimes the best bidding does come in the wee small hours of the morning, but it is of no worry to these brave troopers. They are willing to forgo sleep to win the covenanted prize they have their eye on.

Finally, there are the people who will buy anything online, as long as it is a good price and they have a place for it. These folks come in handy if your school needs some new instruments or perhaps bleachers. Or if you haven’t had time to go out and buy a birthday gift for your Aunt Sally who is turning 90 today. Just call up your shopping friend and they will not only have spare portable bleacher seating for the school, but the perfect gift for Aunt Sally as well.

When it comes to online shopping, there are plenty of sites that will mesmerize the strongest of minds. But the two most often visited ones are Amazon and eBay. They both are fairly easy to navigate and have unique and interesting items, like troll dolls, portable bleachers or an out of pint CD.

So, the next time you are home alone and can’t sleep, turn on your computer and discover a new world of online shopping. You never know what you can’t live without or what hidden treasures you might discover at 4:45AM. It is enough to make you want to quit your job and stay home all day just shopping.

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