What is the Deal with Frozen Yogurt Cups?

Have you ever heard of frozen yogurt cups? Well if you have never eaten at an ice cream shop, then you may not have. These cups run from 4 ounces to 32 ounces. The most popular ones are white ones because they can be customized with the ice cream shops label. Anything matches with white. They are inexpensive for the owner to purchase and they are sturdy enough for you to eat from. These cups can also be found in restaurants, cafés, frozen yogurt shops and gelaterias.

Tasting spoons are the perfect method for you to sample gelato, ice cream and frozen yogurt. You can taste until your hearts content or until the shop tells you that you have tasted enough. Maybe you have never tried chocolate gelato before but you know you like chocolate. So of course you want to sample a bite before you place your order. Or maybe you have never tasted frozen yogurt at all before. You certainly don’t want to order a cup or a cone of frozen yogurt without tasting it beforehand. That is where you need a sampler spoon.

So what exactly are ice cream spoons you ask? Well these spoons come in medium or heavy weight. The heavy duty ones are 6 inches in length and are perfect for ice cream, sundaes, gelato and frozen yogurt. The medium weight spoons are five and three-quarter inches in length. They are also perfect for sundaes, frozen yogurt, ice cream and gelato.

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