Using Rented Shipping Containers to Help With Inventory

Businesses may end up spending a large amount of their overhead costs on inventory. Inventory and proper logistics are needed to store goods and to also execute shipments as effectively as possible when they are needed. However, improper inventory stocking can lead to issues with handling demand, searching for goods, or keeping goods protected from the elements. Without proper inventory storage, businesses will lose money from lost or spoiled goods, as well as improperly processed orders. This is where a shipping container comes in.

Shipping containers are long metal containers that can fit tons of stock in them. The metal cover over the containers keeps the contents from suffering detrimental exposure to the elements. Shipping containers are shaped and designed to fit effectively on major transportation vehicles too. Shipping containers can be towed by large trucks, fit nicely onto railroad cargo trains, or be placed efficiently on cargo ships.

You can find shipping container dimensions available at 20 feet or 40 feet in length. Most containers height wise are about 8 feet to 10 feet, while their width tends to be 7 to 8 feet. This allows containers to fit nicely on cargo transportation vehicles while allowing for an effective load of cargo to be transported.

When using a shipping container, a vendor or manufacturer will use their in-house shipping department or an outsourced firm to carefully load the crates. Shipping companies will have professionals who are trained to load content, ranging from consumer goods to industrial products, into a container properly and safely. At the same time, every inch of space must be maximized. All of these considerations help the shipping company efficiently fill up the container so products are not crushed or harmed during transit.

These crates also contain numerous climate control features that are built into the container. The stainless steel structure of the container can protect the contents inside from most weather phenomena. However, businesses can purchase extra tough storage containers that can withstand the harshest weather on earth and are outfitted for ocean travel. There are also containers to transport perishable items, equipped with freezer units and insulation designed to keep your stock cool.

Containers can cost a lot if you only plan to use them once. That’s why so many shipping companies offer storage containers for rent. Without needing to buy an entire fleet of storage containers, a business can just rent shipping containers for their particular needs per quarter.
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