Used reel mower

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Sports field and golf course owners undoubtedly need to keep their turf closely cropped for their clients. Thus, there is need for a sturdy, efficient reel mower to keep them and their customers happy. When caring for large fields, you’ll want a wide a mower as possible. Fortunately for you, we’ve got used mowers that are up to the job. The great thing about used equipment is that they’re a lot cheaper than brand new hardware. And because they’ve been reconditioned, you can only expect the best performance and maximum durability from them that’s comparable to brand new equipment.

The same goes for toro turf equipment. Instead of spending big money on new hardware, why not buy a refurbished piece of equipment that can function with the exact same efficiency? You won’t be spending as much and in return will get equal, if not greater, value. One big advantage of refurbished equipment is that we have identified weak points to their original design and have strengthened them. Thus, they’re now more efficient and will last much longer than they were originally designed to.

If you’re looking for heavy duty greens keeping equipment, look no further than Global Turf Equipment. We’ve been in the business of supplying professionals in both turf and golf industries for years. To bring you the latest turf equipment models at a much more affordable cost, we directly buy off-lease equipment from some of the largest names in capital financing. You are assured of supreme value, performance and durability from each of our products.

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